Soya Park

I aspire to build a system and interface that support people’s interaction and collaboration well. Many forms of collaboration supporting tool for various group size (e.g. family, class, company) in different domains (e.g. work, hobby) have emerged. However, it is extremely challenging to build a unified and user-centered collaboration tool to personalize the user experiences due to complexity of relationship dynamics that constitutes different depth of interaction for every context. I'm tackling this challenge in crowdsourcing, civic engagement, and social computing!

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
B.S. in Computer Science


Inho Cho*, Soya Park*, Sejun Park, Dongsu Han, and Jinwoo Shin. Practical message-passing framework for large-scale combinatorial optimization In Big Data (Big Data), 2015 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 24-31. IEEE, 2015.
* first co-authorship

Soya Park, Soowon Kang, and Hawoon An. POSTER: Accurate Schedule Alarming Based on User Profiling In Proceedings of the 14th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services Companion, pp. 70-70. ACM, 2016.

Yang, Won Tak, Soya Park, Dongjun Suh, and Seonju Chang. LAMF: Lighting Adjustment for Mood by Food: RFID Based Context Aware Food Ordering and Lighting Control System at Restaurants. In 2013 International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA), pp. 1-3. IEEE, 2013.


I've been exerting my effort on interaction of my community! (Sorry there are written in Korean)


This is my lovely cutie Ellen. He is golden retriever and loves to chew everything nearby.